Truitt: Governor’s one-size-fits-none dictate puts school systems in a bind

Catherine Truitt, Republican nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction and Chancellor of Western Governors University NC, issued the following statement today in response to Governor Cooper’s announcement regarding returning to school this fall:
“I am glad that with only 35 days left before school starts the Governor has finally decided to dictate to our local schools how they can reopen. Unfortunately, he’s left them with little time to prepare and more questions than answers. What will parents do for childcare? How can we afford this? What will transportation options be? Where do we find the space and the supplies needed to make this work? How do we keep teachers and staff safe?  And those are just the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, all of these questions could have either been answered or avoided if the Governor had done the right thing weeks ago and let local officials decide what is best for their schools, their staff, and their students.
“Instead, the Governor has given local schools a one size fits all solution with permission to use a pair of safety scissors to try to make it fit. This just won’t work. It won’t for schools, for teachers, for staff, for parents and, most importantly, it won’t work for students.”